The wifvc rolling action plan

The WIFVC Action Plan 2019-2020 outlines four strategic priorities to support the integration of family violence responses across the west. The WIFVC Action Plan 2019-2020 seeks to pursue the following outcomes:

  • That WIFVC is considered a vital governance structure at both the regional level and state-wide level, and advocates for the needs of the west.

    • That WIFVC leads cross sector collaboration, problem solving and regional implementation for family violence service integration.

    • That WIFVC supports capacity building for specialist services, mainstream services and responses for the unique needs of priority groups (i.e Aboriginal communities, LGBTQI, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, people with a disability).

    • That WIFVC has a clear profile of the service system through a client-centred lens for family violence responses in the west.

A review of the WIFVC Action Plan 2019-2020 will be undertaken in September 2020.

the wifvc Memorandum of understanding

The WIFVC Memorandum of Understanding sets out how the WIFVC operates.