WIFVC Newsletter

Keep up to date with all that's happening in the WIFVC and the Western region family violence sector with our monthly newsletter. 

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June 2018

We're on the lookout for a new Principal Strategic Advisor and have announced our new Governance Group and Independent Chair. Read the newsletter for more information and to find out what's
been happening in the West in June. 

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january 2018

To start off the year we've given a slight face lift to the newsletter. It's still the place to find the latest news, events, employment opportunities and resources for all services that intersect with the family violence sector in the West.

May 2018 

There's lots going on in and around the West in the family violence sector, with the opening of the first Orange Door, training on offer from the WIFVC and events at Women's Health West and Women and Mentoring and more...

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April 2018

Having taken a short break from our newsletter following the departure of Maureen and Karina, we're back to our monthly correspondence and would love to receive content contributions and the latest news from the West.