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If you’re not sure whether you’re using the latest Victoria Police Code of Practice, take a look at our version – it will be up to date. You might want to know about a project that’s been run in the western suburbs. We should have that too. Where are we up to with the National Plan? Have the crime statistics come out yet? All that information and more is housed here for WIFVC members and anyone else who’s interested. If you think something’s missing, let us know.

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Policy documents and action plans

Strategic documents for high level planning and coordination, such as statewide action plans, government briefings and regional action plans.


Data and statistics

Statistics from Victoria Police, the Victorian Family Violence Database and local agencies on reported levels of family violence, intervention orders finalised and other indicators of family violence at a local and statewide level.



Reports from the western metropolitan region, Victoria, Australia and abroad that cover best practice innovations in service delivery, law reform topics, key program evaluations and other pieces of research that enhance local knowledge of successful integration examples.


Resources and tools

Tools, information and other resources for people experiencing family violence and those who work with them. An online library of tools for primary prevention workers can be found at The Resource Hub, developed by Preventing Violence Together.


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