How the WIFVC is structured and governed 

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Independent Chair

The Western Integrated Family Violence Committee (WIFVC) is led by a part time, independent Chair. The Chair is a remunerated role, representing the WIFVC as a whole, not any one agency or member.

The key role of the Independent Chair is to provide leadership to assist WIFVC to achieve agreed strategic priorities. The Independent Chair is responsible for the support and supervision of the Principal Strategic Advisor.

The Chair also provides strategic planning to the Committee, leading them in identifying the most significant regional issues to be addressed in terms of integration, and developing, implementing and monitoring the progress of its strategic plan.  

The Chair plans and chairs the bi-monthly Committee meetings, supported by the Principal Strategic Advisor (PSA), as well as the monthly Governance Group meetings. 

Sandie de Wolf AM, joined the Western Integrated Family Violence Committee as the Independent Chair in July 2018. 


Governance Group

The WIFVC Governance Group is largely elected by member organisations and is made up of the following members:

  • Sandie de Wolf AM - Independent Chair

  • Dr Robyn Gregory - representative of Women's Health West as auspice

  • Helga Jennings - Department of Health & Human Services

  • Natasha Sorbello, Elizabeth Morgan House - Women's Services

  • Joan Eddy, Djerriwarrh Health Services - Men's Services

  • Robyn McIvor, WestCASA - Sexual Assault Services

  • Glenn Howard, VACCA

  • Michal Morris, InTouch

The Governance Group drives the strategic planning of the Committee along with its members and partners, developing and and strengthening the WIFVC processes and relationships with other planning networks in the West. The Governance Group also oversees the work of the Principal Strategic Advisor and the Project Support Worker. 

The Governance Group is collectively responsible for advancing the best interests of the WIFVC and the people served by the family violence in the west, not as a representative body for decision –making on matters such as strategic priorities, which the members collectively determine.

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Principal Strategic Advisor and Project Support Worker 

The Principal Strategic Advisor’s (PSA) role is to support, inform and influence strategic integration initiatives and activities that work to achieve priorities set out in the WIFVC Action Plan. The plan is itself informed and developed by the PSA, working closely within the governance arrangements described above, the wider membership of the WIFVC and state-wide stakeholders, including the other regional strategic advisors/integration coordinators.

The PSA also provides support and supervision to a Project Support Worker who provides administrative, operational and project support for the activities of the WIFVC. The PSA reports to the Independent Chair, and supports the Governance Group and wider membership.