Auspice organisation – The organisation responsible for supervision of the RIC, as a means of facilitating the regional committee’s (i.e. the WIFVC’s) directions and priorities. The RIC meets with the auspice supervisor around questions of care, workload, budget, OHS&E, etc. The auspice organisation has the financial accountability to DHS.


Funded agencies and Non-funded agencies – Funded agencies are those which are funded by Department of Human Services to provide specialist family violence services to women, children and men. Non-funded agencies may provide a response to family violence but are not funded by DHS to provide a specialist response.


Integration – The process of family violence service system reform (underway since 2006) that brings together police, courts and support services for women, children and men to build a comprehensive, integrated response to family violence.



PVT (Preventing Violence Together) – Preventing Violence Together is the Western region’s major prevention initiative to create cultures, communities and organisations that are non-violent, non-discriminatory, gender equitable and promote respectful relationships.


Regional – refers to the Western metro region encompassing the Local Government Areas of Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Melbourne, Melton, Moonee Valley, Wyndham. This corresponds to the DHS service regions of Brimbank Melton and Western Melbourne.


Western metro – refers to the two DHS service areas of Brimbank Melton and Western Melbourne. This is the catchment of the Western Family Violence Regional Integration Coordinator.


WIFVC Members – Those organisations or individuals who have completed a Membership Form for the current financial year.