About The WIFVC

The relationship that could make a difference

Meeting the right people often comes down to luck. But with something as important as family violence, why leave it to chance? Making the right connections with experts and decision makers is more important now than ever, as Victoria faces a surge in reports of family violence. If you work in the western suburbs, connecting with us, the Western Integrated Family Violence Committee, is critical to addressing family violence.

The members of the WIFVC have the perseverance, passion and power to take the family violence reforms off the page and put them into action. That’s our purpose.



Our Approachmap of western metropolitan region

Through research and experience, we have found the integrated approach to be the best way to keep women and children safe. This approach involves coordinating strategy and action with community services, courts, police and anyone else who encounters the problem of family violence. We all want to end family violence, so why not work together?

From the beginning, the WIFVC has brought together committed and respected people. Their work covers the spectrum from primary prevention through to post-crisis support and everything along the way. Since 2006, these people have worked in partnership to bring about a historic transformation in the family violence system in Melbourne’s west.


Our Wins

  • Year-on-year funding increases of almost 5% for counselling, case management and men’s behaviour change services since 2012
  • 120% growth in people attending committee meetings
  • Reform agenda of the west accepted and implemented at government roundtables and forums
  • Increased confidence leading to double the number of women reporting violence to police

Changes like this show that attitudes and behaviours can be transformed at all levels of our society. We can only imagine what more can be accomplished when more of us join together.


If you work with families, women, children or men in Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Moonee Valley, Melton, Melbourne, Maribyrnong or Wyndham, get in touch with the WIFVC.


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